Each year 104.9 the River plays all Christmas music during the holiday season. But this year, you may have noticed something changed! We understand that you may have some questions, so we thought we’d explain the heart behind the decisions:


Q: Why did 104.9 the River decide to play only some Christmas music this year.

A:  Due to overwhelming feedback from listeners in years past, we’ve heard that 100% Christmas music gets a little overwhelming. We’ve heard many complaints that people miss their favorite non-Christmas River songs. This year, instead of switching to All Christmas music on Black Friday, we decided to gradually ramp up the integration of Christmas music.

From November 23 through December 22nd, we’ll be slowly, but surely, increasing the amount of Christmas music you hear. From December 22nd to December 26th, we’ll be playing all Christmas music, so we can celebrate with your family at home or on the road like we have in years past!


Q: Why do I hear songs from artists that I normally don’t hear on 104.9 the River?

A: We love the fact that people are singing about the birth of Jesus, but there are also songs played that are designed to attract those who don’t normally listen to 104.9 the River. These familiar and classic Christmas songs are some favorites, and can bring back warm childhood memories. So, a good mix of classic and familiar with meaningful carols is kind of like cleaning and decorating your house because you want new guests to feel welcomed and right at home.


Our goal is to provide hope to people this Christmas season, and we hope you’ll join us in doing just that. If you still have questions after reading our ramblings, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Merry Christmas from Your Friends at,

104.9 the River


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