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Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Black Friday Week is upon us. Yes I said week, because whether you like to shop in the store for the adventure or tradition of Black Friday, or if you prefer to snag the deals from the comfort of the computer in your PJ’s and slippers – either way, you need to start thinking about it now for the best Black Friday experience.


So here are a few of my tips for Black Friday:


1. Have a Budget


I know that most people dislike this word, especially at Christmas time (I sure did). But having a budget just means you’re setting a goal for your spending so that it doesn’t following you into the new year. Going into the crazed days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday “BUY NOW” sales with a set budget in mind will save you much heartache in months to come.  I have some great tips on just how to stick to a holiday budget, and how to find some extra cash to use toward those holiday purchases.


2. Have a Shopping Plan


If you didn’t know it, all the Black Friday ads have pretty much already been “leaked.” That means you can get a game plan for where you want to shop for the best deal on the particular items on your list. Watch for special store promotions like Kohl’s Cash or Target Gift Card offers that’ll make prices actually lower. And for online shoppers, you may get to start shopping sooner! Some online retailers will actually begin their Black Friday sales as soon as Monday or Tuesday on particular items. And of course for online orders, you can double up with promotional codes to save more.

So check out the “leaked” Black Friday Ad Scans to figure out where you want to shop.


3. Have Patience and Prudence


We’ve all seen the memes about Black Friday – Don’t become a meme! It’s true, just the day before Black Friday, we offer up praises of Thanksgiving for all the many blessings God has given us. Remember that Black Friday shopping should be a time to get a deal that might save your family’s hard earned money, while buying gifts that will bring joy to those family members. It’s not a time to overspend, be grouchy with the cashier doing her job, or grab for that last InstantPot door buster. Let’s not lose our witness when the real reason for the season is actually being allowed to be sung on the store radio for all to hear.


For more Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips, head on over to Mission to Save. You can also join the Mission Savers community on Facebook – this is a Facebook group that I moderate, and this time of year I often play personal shopper too!

Mary Hoover | Mission to Save

Mary is local mom who is on a mission to help families save more so they can do more living and give more freely. Follow her blog to join the mission to save, too!

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