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Citizen Way’s New Music Video

You may hear a new song on The River by Citizen Way called “When I’m With You” from their newest album 2.0. This song was an emotional one for the entire band, because it was created after one of the toughest experiences lead singer Ben Calhoun has ever gone through:

I wrote that after we lost Jeremiah. So many things are wrapped up in this song. How death brought me closer to life. How losing a son made me love my little girls more when I didn’t know I could. That’s how I feel about God’s word because that’s how it’s always been for me. It feels like I'm not alone in the foxhole. I’m getting shot at, but at least we’re together.

The band trio including brothers Ben and Josh Calhoun and David Blascoe wanted to push the band into the new generation with a fresh sound and a newfound vulnerability. “When I’m With You” is just one of many songs that show the depth of their hearts as artists. You”ll hear a ballad, some pop-rock influences, and even a touch of funk in their newest album. Needless to say, they’re mixin’ things up this year.

Let us know how you like the song in the comments below, and if you want your opinion to impact how often you want to hear this song on the radio (or if you want to hear it at all), share your thoughts with The River Music Team.

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    We love this song! We saw them here in Columbus when they opened for Mercy Me. We liked their music so much we bought both of their cds. The story behind the song is heart wrenching but the song is so encouraging!

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