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Come Alive Again

Confidence and letting yourself be free after having a baby can be hard. But not impossible.

Meet Mary O'Brien

When she’s not hanging out with her hubby and son, Mary’s either passionately playing sports, generously volunteering, or hitting the clearance rack. You may hear Mary talking about her short comings and the messy side of life. Yet, if you hang around long enough you’ll also realize that her sensitivity is balanced by her strong-will and sarcastic sense of humor. Mary’s most known for her enormous collection of hand sanitizer and her neat and tidy home and office space.

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    LOVE, LOVE The River!! ♡♡ Mary is definitely my favorite and her way of seeing things is right on with mine! And have to say too, she is Beautiful ♡ Thank you Mary for helping me get through some pretty tough days lately! God Bless you and your little Family.

    Beth Robertson

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