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Dear Sports Parent,Unknown-1

In the moments you find yourself sitting in pouring rain on the sidelines or trying to stay cool in the blazing heat please know that these moments will end before you know it.

From trying to clean dirty jerseys to wiping away tears from a loss, and running to the store at the last minute because you forgot it’s your turn to bring snacks, please know that these moments end before you know it.

As jersey sizes and cleats get bigger so do the lessons learned on the field. As you find yourself watching helplessly from the sidelines your child will learn invaluable life lessons like character, how to lose with dignity, respect and teamwork. Please know that these moments end before you know it.

They do hear your cheers and even notice your disappointment. Always remember no matter how intense the coaches or other parents become it’s only a game. Give after the game hugs, high-fives, and fist bumps because these moments end before you know it.

Take lots of pictures and even capture the moments that you feel are insignificant because the seasons turn into years and they go by very quickly. One day you’ll wake up, get into your car, and drive to their very last game like I am today. So, do everything you can to support them through encouragement and even tough love if necessary. Trust me. These moments end before you know it.


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