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Distance from negativity

Beautiful-ThingsBeautiful things can happen when you distance yourself from negativity. Victoria’s story is a beautiful example of how she is putting this River Positive Thought into practice:

Prior to converting to a River listener, I listened only to country music.  I am a single mother who raised two wonderful children on my own since the oldest was five and the youngest was only months old.  They are now 29 years and 25 years old.  I had some relationships that were not good for either me or my children.  While listening to country music I found myself depressed because I was not in a relationship.  I found myself focusing on the negative in my life instead of all the wonderful, positive blessings that were very evident in my life.

 Once I found 104.9, and started listening only to Christian music, my depression dissipated and I am now able to focus on all the positive blessings in my life.  I even listen to the River while at home and work.  I love the River family of DJs and staff who help make a positive impact on a world that wants to focus only on the bad.  Thank you for helping to turn my life, and my thoughts, around from negative to positive.  Thank you also for all you do to bring God’s message to the world that is so saturated by sin and loss.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences will make a huge difference in your life. Not just the music you listen to, but the people as well. When you think about the people, the media, and any other influences in your life, do they bring you down, or help you be better? Do they motivate you, or discourage you? Beautiful things can happen when you distance yourself from negativity.

– Dave

Meet Dave Stephens

A connoisseur of useless facts, Dave is mostly known for oversharing and thriving on variety. There is very little Dave isn’t willing to do and therefore very little he’s really good at. From growing up in the African savannah, to being a father of two in the American suburb, if you need someone who’s resourceful with really long stories full of facts you never knew you wanted to know, or need help from someone who’s not an expert, he’s your guy.

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