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Financial Peace University at The River

I’d love you to join me at The River Studios for a 9-week class on Tuesday Nights from May 1st to June 26th. I’ve taught more than a dozen FPU classes and would love to help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life. This is so much more than a “Get out of debt” program. Through this course you will learn to manage your money and make the most out of the resources that you work so hard for. And, because of your relationship with The River you will get it for only $99.

If you want to know “Does this stuff really work?” I can tell you from experience YES it really does. Using the principles that you’ll learn in Financial Peace University, my wife Julie and I have become successful in managing our money and it’s created a passion to help others, too! I’ve led 13 FPU classes over the past 5 years and to date our graduates have not just paid off nearly a half-million dollars in debt but they’ve learned that THEY control their money, not the other way around. YOU can do this and I hope that you’ll sign up right now and Join us on May 1st.

-Greg Murray (River DJ – Evenings from 7-9pm)

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