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Finding The River on Amazon Echo


finding-a-radio-station-on-amazon-echoThe Amazon Echo is sold out according to Business Insider, proving to be one of the most popular items for Christmas this year: “People love Amazon Echo — you can tell it to play music, order an Uber, order a pizza, and much more — but there are some Amazon gadgets that are still in stock though. If your loved ones had their hearts set on a Echo, perhaps they would enjoy an Amazon Tap or a Kindle instead.”

For those of you who are giving an Amazon Echo or are getting one this Christmas, you may notice that Alexa doesn’t pull up The River automatically when you ask her. Try all you want, but it’s harder for Alexa to find smaller local stations because they’re run through something called Tune In.

A woman called in to 104.9 the River and mentioned she and her family were moving to Florida, but she really wanted to keep listening to The River. We found these helpful steps in a forum and passed them along. Now she and her family can listen to The River anywhere on the Amazon Echo! Give this a shot, and if you are still running into some problems, feel free to comment below. We’ll do our best to help you fix it!


How to Add Radio Stations to Your Amazon Echo

Q: “I was hoping to see my saved radio stations from Tune In in the app. They are there in the Tune In app, but not in the Echo app.

A: Your saved stations in TuneIn, as far as I can tell, aren’t saved in the Echo app. BUT…You can add them as favorites within the TuneIn section of the Echo App. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select TuneIn from the sidebar menu within the app.
  2. Search for the station. It should switch to that and start playing. You’ll see the “play bar” at the bottom of the screen, below the list of search results.
  3. Tap on the TuneIn or Station icon. (Some stations have their own icon.) Now the station play bar will fill the right side of the app.
  4. On the right side, you’ll see “Queue” and “History” and the name of the current song underneath.
  5. To the right of the song that’s playing will be a little gray down arrow that is hard to see. Tap on that.
  6. When you do, you should see the option “Favorite Station” in gray. Tap on that. It should turn red.
  7. Now, go to the Home Screen and tap on TuneIn again.
  8. Scroll the right side of the app where it says Browse, Local radio, Trending, etc, to see the bottom of the list.
  9. Under Favorites, you should see your station and you can play them from there.  In the future, you’ll only have to do the parts under the *** to play favorites.


Merry Christmas, and enjoy your Amazon Echo!


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