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Fun Uses for Your Leftover Halloween Candy


It’s that time of year – When you wish calories didn’t exist.

But unfortunately, we haven’t made that scientific breakthrough quite yet. So, the question remains – what on earth do you do with all of the leftover Halloween candy?!


Here are a few fun ideas to help get the sweets out of your house quickly.


1. Cooking & Baking – There are endless possibilities when it comes to re-purposing candy in the kitchen.


Freeze – You can freeze the candies and pull them out when you want to spice up an everyday recipe. Try adding it to milkshakes, brownie mix, or top a cake with crumbled up candy. I was recently hanging out with some friends who had frozen candy from Halloween, and that’s what we used for our s’mores in July!

DIY Trail Mix – Pick out your favorite trail mix ingredients- mixed nuts, dried fruit, cereals, granola, etc. Then add in leftover M&M’s & other candy to get that small sweet fix.


2. Learning Tool- On a rainy or cold day when you are stuck inside, you can bust out the extra candy to do art projects, science experiments & more! Here are a few of my favorite ideas.


Starburst Candy Mosaic The kiddos can unwrap and count all of the Starbursts, divide them by color into piles or bowls, & then use the candies to create different shapes & pictures.

Skittles Experiment This one is super cool & super simple! All you need is a plate, a pack of Skittle’s, & some hot water. Your kids can make as many designs as they want, and you can even give them a toothpick to swirl the colors once the water has changed colors.

Candy Corn Counting Use construction paper to make tree trunks labeled with a number. The kiddos identify the number and then add candy corn leaves to the tree until each tree has the correct number of leaves.


3. Save for Future Holidays – This is quite possibly my favorite idea of all. Save the candy for events & holidays that you know are coming up.


Gingerbread houses – Save candies to create your gingerbread masterpieces during the Christmas season!

Birthdays – If you have a birthday coming up in your life, save the candy and add it to a piñata or goodie bags for the party goers to enjoy.


4. Or you know, you could just eat it… :)

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