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Good News is Fun to Share

good news

I used to watch the news every day and just shake my head because the world is filled with so many sad, dark and downright scary situations. So I usually end up turning it off because it can be quite depressing to watch. The only good thing was that at the very end of the news cast you might catch a good news story that will help the anchors end the day on a positive note.


That’s what I love about working at The River. Every single day, the River Team diligently searches and digs around for stories that encourage you, lift you up, and show that there is still good news to share. We love to shine a spotlight on people who go out of their way to help their neighbors, strangers who are reaching out with compassion to those in need, and people willing to bind up the wounds of those who are hurting. Not to mention the fun, light-hearted stories that will make you laugh out loud!


If you haven’t seen anything like that recently, allow me the honor to share with you a few good news stories of people (and pets) that are choosing to love others in their own unique way. Plus a couple of CUTE, fun stories too! I hope you enjoy some good news today!

Remember, YOU are Loved!


Good News


How a Stranger’s Hug Saved Her Life. 

Wrong Text Makes Big Memories.

Puppies and Pizza Make Marriages Happier.

Dog Proves He Loves His Tiny Bed. 

This Dog Takes the Bus by Herself Every Single day.

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Laura enjoys an extremely fast paced life, jam packed with adrenaline-filled adventures, the latest-and-greatest deals from clearance racks, and an ever-increasing desire to live a healthier lifestyle. She's constantly trying to balance quinoa and chocolate, forever soaking up new ideas from podcasts and books, watching chick flicks, and of course is always ready to tell a funny blonde joke. The highlight of her life is to help others find the hope and strength she’s found in an ever-growing, stretching, and deepening relationship with Jesus. And to top it all off, Laura can sniff out the best pizza place in any city, within 15 minutes of arrival.

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