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How to Survive Valentine’s Day When It Hurts


unconditional-loveHaving been single for many Valentines, I truly do understand the pressure and disappointment that can come with the holiday of red, otherwise known as “National Singles Awareness Day”.  However, I’ve also experienced the warmth of being cherished by my husband on the 14th and every other day of the year.  With that, my husband also understands both, as he was single for 36 years.  He really understands what it means to want the day of “love” to just quickly pass by, as he was patiently waiting for the one that he could lavish his love upon.


So, how do you deal with Valentine’s Day if you are single or in a relationship that hurts?  It’s crazy how it works, but when you reach out of your own pain and love on another, you do find healing and hope. Here are a few things that we have done or have noticed others doing…it may give you an idea or two in how to reach out this Valentines.




*After we were married we threw a Valentine’s Party for the singles of our church;  celebrating them and letting them know they were loved and treasured.

*We’ve handed out hugs and bags of Hershey’s kisses to let others know that they were not forgotten. Hugs are healing!

*You can put together Valentine’s Bags filled with goodies and toiletries for the homeless in your city.

*We’ve watched ladies groups put together Valentine’s baskets for women who were working on the streets or making ends meet in ways that get ignored or abused.

*It’s fun to be a single parent and make Valentines with kids and take them to a local nursing home – many of the residents have been forgotten or have outlived family.

*Pray and ask God who you could send a card or quick text too, letting them know that He loves them and you are praying for them.

*And don’t forget the opportunity to take flowers and a homemade card to a widow/widower that may be experiencing the pain of newfound loneliness.


Here are some more ideas from one of my favorite authors, Margaret Feinberg.


And if you didn’t already know it…YOU are LOVED too!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!

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