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Inviting God into your situation

InvitationGraphicCorky shares an amazing God moment that happened at her office:

We are a chiropractic office. I choose to play 104.9 on the radio in our waiting room. Today the mother of a patient came to the window and said to me…. I have been praying about a particular situation and that song that just played on the radio was a confirmation to me about my prayer. If you ever question if you should be playing that station…. you should. …

I find that it changes the atmosphere of the office to play 104.9. Thank you for being the station that you are. – Corky from We Care Wellness Centre in Pataskala.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 we’re challenged to pray continuously. I don’t think that means you have to have your head bowed and eyes closed all the time – that wouldn’t end well. I think it’s a challenge to be aware of Him at all times, and to invite Him into whatever you’re doing. Corky’s story is a great reminder about how the little choices, like the music you listen to, can be a great way to invite God into your life or into your office.

– Dave

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