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Listen to 104.9 the River

How to Listen to 104.9 the River with Alexa

Amazon Alexa products are sweeping the world, giving you everything at your fingertips… or rather at the tip of your tongue. Grocery lists, Google inquiries, and listening to music have never been easier, but nothing’s more frustrating than speaking to Alexa and failing to pull up what you want. Good news is, it’s easy to find The River with the 104.9 the River Alexa Skill. If you’ve never enabled an Alexa Skill before, the best way to think of one is like an app for your phone. You can enable an Alexa Skill, and it will let you access your favorite brand or product easily, kind of like making favorites.

Amazon has made an Alexa Skill so easily accessible that all you have to do is say: “Alexa, enable the one-oh-four-nine the River skill.”

If Alexa is being moody and you run into a technical hiccup, and you can enable your Alexa Skill either online through your Amazon account, or on your phone with your Amazon Alexa app. Just click here to find it.

That’s it! By getting the 104.9 the River Alexa Skill, you’ll be able to stream Mornings with Mary & Josh, hear the River positive thought, and listen to your favorite music all through the house. You’ll be able to access 104.9 the River like a breeze on all of the Alexa devices linked with your Amazon account.

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