Eric Faulds

Weekday Mornings 5AM – 10AM

Eric and his wife have 3 energetic kids that keep them firmly grounded. What may surprise you is that Eric’s favorite hobby keeps his head in the clouds. As a private pilot, he’s as comfortable behind the yoke of a Cessna as he is behind the microphone. He’s also a bit of a sci-fi geek who likes to curl up with a good episode of Star Trek. Just ask him which starship captain he prefers!


Laura Chase

Weekday Mornings 5AM – 10AM

Laura’s adventurous life has recently come full circle. She was born in Central Ohio, raised in Alaska, thawed out in Florida, and recently moved back home to be near family. She’s crazy about her handsome and patient hubby, Q, their fantastically talented daughter, Hosanna, and a plethora of pets – 2 small dogs, a neurotic cat, and a couple of loveable rats.  She loves road-biking, kayaking, hiking, romantic comedies, and a good blonde joke. Plus she could eat pizza every day of the week!


Greg Hansberry

Weekday Mornings 5AM – 10AM

Although a proud Buckeye now, Greg Hansberry is a native of the Land of Enchantment.  He is the father of an enchanting son and daughter and is married to his enchanting college sweetheart.  He is a lover of baseball, guitars and all things enchanting.


Mary O’Brien

Weekdays 10AM – 3PM


You will rarely find Mary sitting still.  When she’s not hanging out with her family, she’s playing sports, volunteering, or hitting the clearance rack.  She also loves whipping up new recipes in the kitchen with her husband and son being her guinea pigs.  One of the things she’s most known for is her enormous collection of hand sanitizer—the only good germ is a dead germ.


Josh Hooper

Weekdays 3PM -7PM

Josh and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, have four active kids that keep their house very busy!  He’s an avid Cleveland sports fan and enjoys teaching Sunday School (for the grown-ups).  He tends to over-think things at times, but trusts that God is using his analytical side for good.  Well, at least he hopes so.  Also, he likes things in lists.  Lists help him stay organized.  The fact that this is all in a short paragraph, and not a series of bullet-points, is kinda driving him crazy right now.


Greg Murray

Weekdays 7PM – Midnight

Greg can tell you to the day…ANY day, how long he’s been married to his awesome wife Julie. They have two sons, Wesley and Cooper. Greg’s known for Friday night homemade pizza night as well as being pretty handy around the house when he has the time. You may have also heard Greg’s voice at Nationwide arena, where he’s been the Public Address announcer (AKA the “Jackets on the powerplay!!!” guy) for the Columbus Blue Jackets since they came to Columbus in 2000-he’s never missed a Blue Jackets home game.


Sherry Abel

Weekdays midnight to 5AM

Sherry Abel loves to listen and learn as well as share her thoughts. If you see her in person or on social media please say hello and touch base. She gets her energy from being with people and can be counted on for a good hug. In addition to digging into her faith, serving and volunteering with church, her time is spent loving her husband and 2 younger sons, and waiting to reunite with her oldest in heaven.


Laura Lee

Saturdays 3PM – 8PM

Wife to Bill and Mom to three boys and one male dog has LauraLee feeling outnumbered at times in a male dominant home. Her weekdays are spent homeschooling the boys and shuttling them from one activity to another, as well as trying to squeeze in a little time to read, journal, knit, scrapbook, or any other craft she attempts from Pinterest (the result is a number of hilarious Pinterest fails…). She spends more time than she cares to admit vacuuming…or on Facebook or Instagram. If the weather is warm, you’ll find her peddling around town on her bike, with or without the family in tow.


Todd Stach

Sundays 12PM – 3PM

Husband to Hillary, father of three children (all 5+ years apart) and a Yorkie-Poo named Chester, life is always busy.  Todd isn’t good with any tools, but can find his way around in the kitchen and in the laundry room.  He counts calories every day and is probably training for either a 5k, half or full marathon today.  Todd’s ideal trifecta of stores right next to each other would be Starbucks, Chipotle and Menchie’s.


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