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Prayed for 9 times.


Have never felt more lost and alone and have been alone all my life. My entire life has been trials and tribulations. Removed from birth family; found them in 97 to be told they did not want to know me because I have mixed kids after they met the father. Not good adopted life; father used me as punching bag and mother stands in hallway and tells him to be quiet, the neighbors will hear. Or adoptive mother writing a letter saying she is glad my first daughter died so that way she does not have to live with boyfriend at the time and my pickaninnies. Did not even know what that meant back then had to look it up. Not to mention numerous other events of verbal and physical abuse. His favorite line, I don't leave a bruise on you so how you going to prove it. Birth sister was just as cruel but she was going through a different form at time.. Exes used me and left me. Raised 3 kids on my own and it seemed good because at least I had them. My oldest turned on me and started punching me, lost job after job and court system is a joke. I said No they told her yes so more physical and verbal abuse from her; I was in trouble when I restrained her. Found out middle child was just better at being sneaky and talking about me like a dog. I'm a warden because I sad no boys, go to school, do chores, and did not reward bad behavior. My son is verbally abusive. Police said on lease I can't throw out. I have been raising 2 grandchildren since their birth over a decade now. She just went and had 2 more. I have not dated for over a decade dealing with trials and tribulations along with all this. Lost jobs, children, homeless more times can count, cars blew up. Savings gone. And now raising 2 more small kids. I can't take it anymore. I have no one. Don't speak to anyone. I stopped giving and putting up with garbage and everyone left me. I have cried more times to God not knowing my purpose and why a life of hurt and pain. Trying to prepare to move with only grandchildren but hard with no money left and car blew. God knows I have tried and cried. Christmas morning ruined by son lashing out at me just for wanting grandchildren open their presents. They get mad because I don't support them, but they do nothing. I received my GED and some college - explained just sign here, so 90,000 in debt on that one. I learned about life alone the hard way on most topics with no breaks. Late 40's and still no direction. Spent a lifetime trying to take care of others or trying to please others just to get a smidgen of love and affection but never received. I have cried so much and I'm so lost I can't take another year of pain. Most the time I feel my soul has died and my body is just waiting to catch up. Just asking for prayers that I can at least feel God's love and that there is a purpose behind all this pain and torment of past memories.

Received: December 27, 2017