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Prayer is powerful. No matter what you are going through in life, know that you’re not alone. At 104.9 the River, we want to walk beside you in your life circumstances. The Prayer Page is a powerful tool to share struggles, trials, or burdens and know that others are praying for you. If you have a prayer answered, please post again as a praise so we can give God all the glory.

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I am asking for prayer for my 2 adult sons. My youngest has a lot of debt from a previous girlfriend who talked him into buying a lot of nice things for her that he could not afford. Before her, he didn't have credit cards. Now, they are broken up and he cannot repay these debts. Last night, a credit card called him demanding payment and he was so upset that he threatened to kill himself. They reported it to the police, who then came and took him to a hospital. He did receive some counseling and advice and they allowed him to return home. I have given him some phone numbers of companies who say they will give financial advice, but, he has never given them a call. I pray that now he will follow this counselor's advice.

In November, my oldest son, had a house fire. Part of what was burned was a large amount of money that was a deposit for the company that he works for. He said that his insurance company will only cover a small cash amount. He has also elected to do repairs himself instead of the insurance company paying someone else to do it. He had to borrow money from some people in order to repay the company he works for for their burned money. We also discovered that he has a gambling problem. In the meantime, he is living with us. Both boys are single. They both know the Lord but, do not attend church. I need more prayer warriors to pray for them and to not only help with their situations but, to touch their souls and for THEM to call upon the Lord! Thank you.

Received: January 17, 2018