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Side Effects


Hi Ya’ll!

Had quite the interesting week dealing with allergic reactions to medication!

I started taking a new antibiotic recently to try and combat a kind of poison oak rash that has appeared on my face this past month.  Nothing is making it better and it really hurts and itches.  (It’s not Poison Oak, it was a response from a ton of stress a few weeks ago).

The new medication did not sit well.



On Wednesday I started exhibiting all the symptoms of the flu except upset stomach, or bodily secretions…(the flu is gross, I was not).  Every single muscle cried out in pain, every hair follicle begged for mercy!  I left work an hour early to crawl onto the couch and wrap up in a heated blankie.


Came to work Thursday feeling even worse, but what was more fun, is that as the morning progressed… my bodily slowly started turning bright red with a splotchy, bumpy, strawberry red rash that covered almost every square inch of my body from head to toe!  A headache came on, my neck went stiff, and my fingers and feet started to swell up like sausages.  My co-host Eric, looked at me and warned that I’d better get to the doctor ASAP or he would drive me himself!  So…off to the doctor I went, for some massive steroid shots and more medication.  Fun!


What have I learned?  That I hate all the death-like warnings that come with medications…just because you want to have something simple cured.  I wish they would advertise on TV all the healthy options we have instead that have been proven to work and that we should go after first!  Believe me I’m a natural kind of medicinal fix kind of girl!


It’s now Friday and I feel and look 100% better…at least when it comes to the previous mentioned issues!

However, I do love the side effects of the steroid shots!  My muscles have never looked better and I may sign up to compete in a bodybuilding competition soon!  Ha!

Meet Laura Chase

Laura enjoys an extremely fast paced life, jam packed with adrenaline-filled adventures, the latest-and-greatest deals from clearance racks, and an ever-increasing desire to live a healthier lifestyle. She's constantly trying to balance quinoa and chocolate, forever soaking up new ideas from podcasts and books, watching chick flicks, and of course is always ready to tell a funny blonde joke. The highlight of her life is to help others find the hope and strength she’s found in an ever-growing, stretching, and deepening relationship with Jesus. And to top it all off, Laura can sniff out the best pizza place in any city, within 15 minutes of arrival.

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