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Something Everyone Can Do On Father’s Day

The word “father” brings up different emotions for everyone.


You might feel joy as you think of your strong and loving father. You might feel proud when you remember all the ways your father served your family and helped others.

But maybe you feel anger toward your father because of a broken relationship. Maybe you feel confusion because of a father that was never there for you. Or you might feel a deep pain from losing your dad.


In the same way, Father’s Day might not feel the same for all of us. But no matter what your relationship looks like with your father, there a few things all of us can do this Father’s Day.


Take some time to reflect on your own experience with your father


Think about some of the things you appreciate about him. Give him a visit or a call to say “thank you,” and talk about some of the good memories you have with him.

If you have a broken relationship with your father and won’t see him this Father’s Day, take time to pray for him. Jesus calls us to pray for those who hurt us, even though it is certainly not an easy task. Pray just for a minute that God would work in your father’s life and bring him closer to God.

If you’ve never known your father, or if your father has passed away, take time to pray to God – our perfect and loving Father, who will never leave you or forsake you. It’s okay to acknowledge your pain to Him. He wants to replace it with the joy of being adopted into His goodness.


Celebrate and encourage other fathers


Fathers have one of the most important roles in a person’s life – and also one of the most challenging roles.

If you’re a father, know that the work you’re doing is helping to set the trajectory of your children’s lives. All of the sacrifices you make – all of the time and energy spent on your kids matters, because you’re raising up the next generation to be bold in love, and strong in faith.

Find a few men in your life who are fathers and encourage them. Give them a call; or grab lunch with them and pray with them. Pray for them to grow as a parent, and tell them that even if they aren’t perfect, God will still use them to make a difference for His kingdom.


Be a father (or a mother) to the father-less


Right now, there are nearly 24 million kids in America living without a father in their house. There are many others with abusive parents and broken homes.

It’s clear that we need fathers now more than ever.


Whether or not you have kids, you can be a father to someone who needs it. And regardless of whether or not you have children, God calls us all to make disciples that will follow Jesus. As Christians, we can be fathers that reflect the image of Jesus to others. So look for people in your life that are hurting or need someone in invest in their life.

If you have kids, pray for God to show you how to love your kids better. And if you don’t have kids, try to invest more of your time investing in others’ lives.

Here’s a great blog that can help you learn more about what being a father looks like.

So this Father’s Day, let’s give thanks for what God’s given us, and not be afraid to face our struggles.

Let’s encourage other fathers, and let them know that God is working through them to impact generations.

Let’s be fathers that point people toward the perfect, Heavenly Father.

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