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Thanksgiving Breakfast: Not Forgotten



Turkey, check.

Mashed potatoes, check.

Pumpkin pie, check.

Breakfast, wait, what?



The year’s biggest day of food is upon us and we are all checking and rechecking our grocery carts for butter, crispy onions, three pounds of Idaho potatoes and canned pumpkin pie filling *cough* I mean a fresh pumpkin.

Yet, Thanksgiving morning rolls around, and, without fail, someone’s slumber-heavy steps come dragging into the kitchen, and that same question that somehow shocks us year after year finds its way out of an exaggerated yawn, “so, what’s for breakfast?”

Quickly lashing open the fridge, taking note of every needed egg and the half-gallon of milk that already has you panicking over recipes to come, it hits you. After three grocery runs and the last minute plea for the 16-year-old to run to the drugstore for one more can of cream of mushroom soup…you still forgot about breakfast.

It seems crazy, right? On this day that has celebrity status for its endless lunch and dinner (linner? dunch?), how can anyone be thinking about breakfast?

We all do though, regardless if it is an intimate thanksgiving for two, or for piles of aunts, uncles, and cousins strolling down from the guest room. We get up, delight in the warmth of a fresh cup of coffee, inhale the scent of the turkey roasting in the oven and ponder …what is going to calm the rumbling of my stomach?

This year we are going to be prepared. This year we are not going to forget. This year we are going to have an answer to that jaw-dropping question, “what’s for breakfast?”

With the help of this article, we will all be fully stocked and prepared for a painless, ready-to-go Thanksgiving breakfast.

From bagels and cream cheese, pre-prepped pancakes and my fave, fruit salad and yogurt, they’ve got some tricks that will surely settle the loudest of stomachs in the kitchen.

Follow the link to find their tips and ideas on what to whip together this Thursday morning!

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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Hannah is often defined by her love of planned spontaneity. Born with an adventurous heart and a cautious mind, she finds the two regularly bickering over whether to backpack across Europe or balance her checkbook. The heart and mind often find truce in finding the hidden gem restaurants in town or taking her pup (who she defines as her child) to unexplored parks and trails.

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