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The Christmas Footstool

One of my most favorite things to do around this time of year is to turn off all the lights in my house, and turn on the Christmas tree.  I’ll then wrap up in my favorite red blanket, lay back in a large, overstuffed yellow chair, and prop my feet up on a footstool.  I absolutely LOVE the peace that quickly settles into my little home and my heart as I begin to reflect on the things that God is doing in my life.

Now if you would, let’s focus on where I put my feet…on a footstool.

You see, in the word, God says that HE will make our enemies our footstool (Psalm 110:1).  Not only are they in a position of being UNDER our feet…BUT…a footstool denotes that YOU are in a position of REST.  When you are in REST, you are kicked back, not worried about anything, but enveloped by His peace, trusting God to do what He said He will do; keeping His promises.

So the picture I see is that we are to stay in a position of REST no matter what is happening in life, no matter what difficulties arise.  Being at REST (Hebrews 4:9-11)  shows that we TRUST God, we KNOW that HE is looking out for us, that He is defeating giants and winning battles for us.  When we take our place with Jesus, and kick our feet up on His footstool…we are at a vantage point to watch His victory unfold.  In this position, you don’t worry, you aren’t anxious, wondering who is going to win.  That’s because the enemy has already been placed in a position of submission to YOU; UNDER your feet.

So this Christmas season, try something new.  Find a time where you can sit for a few minutes in peace and quiet and write a list of things that you have been enemies to you; troubles, illnesses, problems, people, hurts, etc.  And then put that list on your “footstool” (coffee table, etc)…and literally prop your feet up on top of it.  Take time to thank God that no matter what it looks like with your physical eyes, that you know you trust Him and believe Him when He says that He has made your enemies your footstool!  Thank Him that He makes all things right, brings justice, and mends broken things.  Because that’s what the whole plan was from the very beginning; Jesus came to make wrong things, right!


I’m praying for you – YOU are Loved!



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