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The Love Keeps on Spreading

lovekeepsspreadingWe’re excited for you to hear how Lindsey recently asked Jesus into her heart:

The past couple years have been hard, but now looking back on them I realize that I was struggling and needed to find a purpose.  My mom has always played 104.9 the River, and it sparked my interest into Jesus. With the help of a friend, and a cousin, along with many others, I have been led to God’s love and faith. 

I feel so inspired by The River, whether that be a hard school day or just relaxing at home. Thank you so much for the strength that you give people! Every day I strive to learn more about Jesus and why He is so important. I have recommended 104.9 the river to others and the love keeps on spreading!”

In Lindsey The River sparked an interest into Jesus, which gave her friends and cousin an opportunity to introduce her to Him. Now, God is using the River to strengthen and encourage her, and she is using The River to share the love of Jesus with others as well.

Will you join her in spreading the love?
Do you know someone who doesn’t know Jesus yet?
Are you not sure how to start that conversation?

Invite them to listen, to join you at a concert, or perhaps encourage them to enter into a River contest. You never know how a simple invitation could spark an interest and ultimately provide an opportunity.

Meet Dave Stephens

A connoisseur of useless facts, Dave is mostly known for oversharing and thriving on variety. There is very little Dave isn’t willing to do and therefore very little he’s really good at. From growing up in the African savannah, to being a father of two in the American suburb, if you need someone who’s resourceful with really long stories full of facts you never knew you wanted to know, or need help from someone who’s not an expert, he’s your guy.

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    What a wonderful God we serve. Thank you to the River for lifting me up with the music and reminding me that God is in charge and continue to cast my cares on him. You can see me lifting my hands to my Father at a red light while Mercy Me sings Greater!!!

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