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When Fear Is About to Take Over

helloSandy writes about this past year being the most difficult one of her life:

I want to thank The River for being in my life. This past year has been perhaps the hardest of my life. My husband passed on last summer and things have been pretty rough for me. Some days are better than others and I thank God every day for the gifts of faith, grace and love that get me through. But today was a day when fear about my future was about to take over. I got into my car just a while ago with thoughts of doubt and fear racing in my mind and the song “Your Love Never Fails” was already playing, it has been a song that has carried me on so many hard days…then immediately came “Hello my name is…” Both those songs are such a great source of encouragement. I love all of you and the music you play. God is so good.

So often it is easy to focus on the challenges ahead. It can be so easy to lose hope, to see the uncertainty of the future, unsure that there is a way out. Sandy’s story is a great reminder of the choice we have: to focus on the obstacle, or to focus on our God who is greater than it.

Don’t forget the reminders from the Newsboys and Matthew West: His love will never fail you, and you are a child of the One True King. He will carry you through.

– Dave

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