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Such a tricky thing isn’t it? You worry because you care. Because if you didn’t, then you wouldn’t be caught by surprise by bad news. And by the way, doesn’t worry motivate you to try to find a solution to a very real problem?

Worry used to be a way of life for me. Fear seemed to come in like the tide and bring in debris that would wash upon the shore of my heart. It would clutter my thoughts and feelings much longer than what was healthy. It seemed to completely incapacitate me; so much so that I had to breathe into a brown paper bag because it felt like I was suffocating and couldn’t catch my breath.

This must be the core of the very reason why Jesus not only encourages us, but literally commands us to not be super focused on the “what if’s” of life in Matthew 6:34.

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

Isn’t that the most freeing truth? Junk, offence, trials, frustration, and pain will happen in our lives. BUT Jesus promises that God WILL help us figure out how to deal with the messes when they show up. Father knows what He is doing! If we can humbly accept that and allow Him the opportunity to show us what to do instead of trying to figure everything out on our own, we will experience far less stress and a much greater sense of peace in our everyday lives.

This a very special song that I play over and over and sing out VERY LOUD when I need to be reminded that God loves me, He hasn’t forgotten me, and He can be trusted with every single part of my current situation.

Remember…YOU are so loved!

Meet Laura Chase

Laura enjoys an extremely fast paced life, jam packed with adrenaline-filled adventures, the latest-and-greatest deals from clearance racks, and an ever-increasing desire to live a healthier lifestyle. She's constantly trying to balance quinoa and chocolate, forever soaking up new ideas from podcasts and books, watching chick flicks, and of course is always ready to tell a funny blonde joke. The highlight of her life is to help others find the hope and strength she’s found in an ever-growing, stretching, and deepening relationship with Jesus. And to top it all off, Laura can sniff out the best pizza place in any city, within 15 minutes of arrival.

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