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Meet Hailey

Hailey is a jack of all hobbies, master of none. Reading, running, cooking, or crafting, she enjoys it all, especially if it involves a new challenge. She’ll admit she tries to tackle life on her own, but she’s learning how to better rely on God and on people, especially her family and hubby, Clint. Hailey is a tea enthusiast, a podcast addict, and an avid pug-lover, even though it’s not realistic for her to have one of her own just yet. Someday!

And Jace!

Jace is a fan of airports, road trips, and city skylines. He’s lived all over the country, but is thrilled to be back in Ohio! But Jace is also not-so-secretly from Michigan, making him a staunch Wolverine fan for life. Whenever he’s not on the air, Jace is likely buried in a hipster coffee shop, posting something witty on Twitter, or adventuring with his wife, Lyndsey. He loves Jesus, reading C.S. Lewis, and wearing obnoxiously wild socks. He dislikes winter weather, being late, and cauliflower trying to imitate mashed potatoes.

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The Rivalry Podcast

Welcome to the Rivalry! Jace is half of the co-hosting duo that make up this new podcast. Jace loves the team up north. Mitch bleeds scarlet and gray. And they’re still great friends — enough so that they’re willing to talk about THE rivalry between their favorite teams. Join in the fun all year long — because as any good fan knows, THE game is more than just a few hours in November.

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Let's Talk 20's

Hailey and her good friend Brittney are getting real about life in your twenties.  From laughable moments to hard ones, they interview people about how they get the most out of these years.  If you’ve had questions or wondered what other people are doing about dating, counseling, self care, social media and the like — this is for you. So pull up a chair and join in!

Coming soon!