HD Stations

The River has two HD radio stations as an outreach to the community. Why? Because many fall into one or more of these categories:

I love The River, but some of my friends or family just won’t listen.

I want music that’s clean but awesome for exercising. Stuff with a good beat to keep me going.

I have kids who feel disconnected from The River’s music now that they’re teenagers. They’re searching for something different.
If any of those sound familiar… get to know these two new stations below.

The VibeHD

Columbus Hits & Positive Hip Hop

You’ll hear Hits and Positive Hip Hop from LeCrae, Hollyn, Andy Mineo, Blanca, NF, Group1Crew, KB and Tobymac.

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oRock HD

Columbus Positive Alternative

You’ll hear Positive Rock Alternative from Skillet, Twenty One Pilots, Manafest, Thousand Foot Crutch, Red, and Switchfoot.

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How to Listen

  • You can listen with an HD radio by finding the River HD1 or HD2 stations
  • You can listen via our mobile apps
  • You can listen on the web