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When she’s not hanging out with her hubby and son, Mary’s either passionately playing sports, generously volunteering, or hitting the clearance rack. Mary is all about the real side of life — the laughter, the tears, and the hand sanitizer. Things are about to get real! And you are about to get a new-found friend and cheerleader.
Josh and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, have four terrific kids. He enjoys wrestling on the floor and watching Cleveland sports with the three boys, and chatting & doing artwork with his daughter. Josh calls himself a “functional introvert.” He’s hilarious behind a mic, but he doesn’t actually crave being the center of attention. Nerds beware! He loves to explore creation, and the worlds of Middle Earth and Star Wars to pass the time.

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Early Voting for November Elections is Underway

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Lipari Recalls Chicken Salad Products

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National Coffee with a Cop Day Hopes to Break Down Barriers, Start Conversations

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