That's right... the River has Podcasts!

Strap yourself in, folks. There’s a lot of new content coming your way.

This is Change

Mary and Josh have done some pretty cool interviews with local movers and shakers changing Columbus and the world. Interested in learning more about how other people are making an impact, and how you can help? This is for you.

Coming soon! 

The Rivalry

Jace loves the team up north. Mitch bleeds scarlet and gray. And they’re still great friends — enough so that they’re willing to talk about THE rivalry between their favorite teams on a podcast, so you can join in. Tune in for laughs, stats and opinions for more than just November. They’re talking about it all year long.

Let's Talk Twenties

Hailey and Brittney are great friends, and they're getting real about life in your twenties. How so? All of the things everybody wonders and no one really talks about in dating, counseling, self care, social media and the like -- these are the kind of things they're digging into. And they're inviting friends! You'll hear from all kinds of interviews and walks of life. You won't want to miss it!

Coming soon!