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missionbackpack“Why do you ask for money and play commercials?”

This is a great question. The short answer is, we’re more than just a radio station, we’re a ministry with incredible opportunities to serve the thousands of people who listen.

The past few weeks we were witness to some amazing stories – like this one from Austin who had been asking all year to go to Zoombezi Bay. This year he\\\’s a little taller, and couldn’t wait to go on the rides he couldn’t go on. Unfortunately, to take the whole family to Zoombezi Bay gets pretty expensive, but this year, just 6 days before his birthday, it was River Day. Austin\\\’s mom shared:

“We surprised him today and were able to go as a family for $42 all because of my favorite radio station!!! Thank you guys so much for doing this!” – Megan

Thanks to an advertising partnership with Chick-Fil-A and Zoombezi bay, a 7-year-old birthday boy got his biggest birthday wish fulfilled, and a memory he\\\’ll never forget. Plus – thousands of people who may not know Jesus had the opportunity to hear about Him at the concert by the wave pool.

Another example from the past few weeks is Mission Backpack. The partnership with Heartland Bank covered all of the costs and provided convenient collection locations all over Columbus. Through your donations and our friends at Lutheran Social Services hundreds of backpacks have been distributed to kids in need.

104.9 the River is business and listener supported, and when we work together, more ministry can happen in our community. Beyond that, many of our advertisers fully believe in and support this ministry and are excited to partner to do more than just play commercials. Some of our advertisers treat their businesses as a ministry, and playing commercials on The River is not only an opportunity to support The River, but also to introduce you to their company so they have the opportunity to serve you.

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