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Who Keeps You Motivated?


accountability-running-partnerIndependence is something that parents try to instill in their children. It’s a key attribute to have as they try to navigate life away from Mom and Dad, and it can be part of a really healthy process.


Some let that independence take over their exercise lives, too. I know I have. Between busy schedules, being committed, and a variety of other reasons, I’ve mostly trained for races on my own. Until recently. As I’ve matured as a runner (and in age) I’ve realized that every run can’t be some intense workout. Your different muscle groups need different pacing and intensity to develop and strengthen.


It’s difficult to do this on your own because it takes so much discipline. Everyone needs a workout buddy or buddies. My wife and I have become that for each other recently. She needs pushed beyond what her mind and body allows and I need to slow way down on my recovery runs. We end up having some great conversations when we run together too. You know, the kind of talks you want to have but never find time for because life just gets in the way.


If a healthy lifestyle is something you desire, my first suggestion is to find someone who’s not in the same place as you on their health journey. Find someone who can pull you up and challenge you, or challenge a friend who just needs to begin and you be their accountability and inspiration. If running is something you’re interested in, just about every specialty running shoe store in Columbus has running groups for all levels (Second Sole, FleetFeet & Columbus Running Company).


Find a buddy, or be a buddy.


Meet Todd Stach

Husband to Hillary, father of three children (all 5+ years apart) and a Yorkie-Poo named Chester, life is always busy. He passionately counts calories every day and is probably training for either a 5k, half or full marathon. Todd enjoys making others laugh by saying unexpected things. It’s probably his way of trying to overcompensate for a cynical and often skeptical outlook. If you ever shake Todd’s hand he’ll probably wash his hands immediately – it’s not you, it’s him.

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