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Your Dream is All Yours


Your-dream“What would you do if you had no payments?”


In each of the Financial Peace University classes I lead, I always ask that question.

The answers are varied and inspiring:

“I would help more people,” “I would give more,” “I would work less,” “I would take my kids to Disney.”

We have one lady who wants to go to Bora Bora. I don’t even know where Bora Bora is, but it sounds awesome – because that’s her dream.



Here’s the thing about dreams – they’re uniquely yours. You get to decide what your “Why” is.

But we let stuff get in the way of that because of the monthly payments we saddle ourselves with. Credit card payments, because we just HAD to have that “bigger, better, whatever;” Car payments, because instead of fixing the car we just paid off, we replace it with a whole new car; Enormous student loan payments because “no one can go to college without a student loan.”


So is there an answer?

Yes- Stop. Borrowing. Money.

Devise a plan to get rid of those monthly payments so that you can use that money for YOU, not for a finance company or a bank.

Is it hard work? Yes, it is. Can you do it? YES YOU CAN.


Do you need help? My wife and I did, and it not only changed our financial lives, it completely changed our relationship.

We found that help by taking a Financial Peace University class, and it’s why I volunteer to lead others through it.


So…what if YOU had no payments? That may sound like a complete impossibility…like a dream.

But remember-your dream, your “WHY” is uniquely yours, and when you find it and decide you’re going to reach it, maybe it’s not so impossible after all.


Let me know what your “WHY” is by connecting with me, I’d love to hear it!

-Greg Murray

Meet Greg

Greg has been with the River for more than 10 years and is currently struggling to accept being old enough to have a kid in college and a 17 year old who's taller than he is. However he loves his kids and their mom more than anything, enjoys golf, home improvement, Blue Jackets hockey and helping people with their finances.

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